Økologisk hårpleje fra Bornholm - Okker-Gokker Organic

Bio-Haarpflege aus Bornholm

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Hair Care
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Since the year 2006 Kirsten Hansen has made organic shampoos on Bornholm. Her mission is to make pure quality-products, everyone can afford. The shampoos are made of organic commodities/flowers, without adding artifical/synthetic ingredients. The bottle is even biodegradable & free from PVC. The products are suitable for the whole family, especially kids as you will avoid those unwanted harmful substances and endocrine disruptors. Below you find the specifications for each type:

- LAVENDER SHAMPOO: Normal hair (has a pleasant scent!)

- NETTLE SHAMPOO: Effective against dandruff & sensitive scalp

- CAMILLE SHAMPOO: Suitable for light/fine hair

- ROSEMARY SHAMPOO: Suitable for dark/strong hair

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